Wednesday, July 19, 2006



This is not a review of artists and their level of skill or expertise. That's been done to death and no matter what you might say, it's all subjective and unless you're ready to 're-build' that which you tear down.., then what's the point? Observations with no eventual destination, are trips that go alot of places without winding up at a destination.

Last nights, B Sharp Showcase brought to the stage at The Living Room, in lower Manhattan, some of the most refreshing acts on their trajectory to national attention. Some were making their New York debut and others were finding themselves impressed with the challenge of playing in a new city, while being surrounded by family and friends and then there were those that seem to do it by the numbers 'cause the stage is so familiar. In the end, all the bands represented various stages of growth and presence and it was an exercise, for those that came to learn it, in what 'works' in a live setting in NYC and what doesn't. There were elements of vanity that ultimately creep in any performance. Some cover their's with witty banter, others talk about the weather.., some smash their guitars.., all in a ploy to get you not to focus on the area of their insecurity. In the end, an artist only feels the things they feel, when they forget that in New York, especially, it's ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC.

Those that had successful outings had a combination of preparedness and presence while always being mindful of their audience. Acknowledging an audience and engaging them ever so briefly allows the performer to feel a part of something organic and with an audience's support, a performer can soar beyond his own wildest imagination. But in the end, without that support, it can be a long, long set. Often we're told less is more and a few well placed songs and nice rapport will be enough.., but more often than not, this is never enough. Acts with so much to give, will always leave you wanting more.., acts that feel they have to 'prove something' can never be sure if they did enough and in the end, it's that insecurity that will make an act do just one song too many.

So as I reflect on the acts, their various moments in the sun, I send a message of caution to those that will be doing this sort of outing in the very near future. Don't fail to do your homework and rehearse. Do consider that the night is not all about you and finally 'entertain' your audience with truthfulness, not theatrics. New York audiences aren't all that different than others in other states.., we just get 'more of all that's available' than other places but when we see 'special' we are the first to call it out and reward it with our undying and unflinching support. Kudos to BJ Barratt and friends who did a superb job putting on a first class showcase and who showed those of us in attendance about the depth of love and support they have given to the indie music artist community.

This reflection review is mostly for those that were in attendance, namely the artists, to feel and see what an audience experiences without being exposed.., but will be a very present help in your time of showcase if you just remember a few of these observations and allow them to aide or assist you in making the most of your time on the stage, under the lights. To those that I got to meet and personally thank, I want to say publicly that you're the reasons I do what I do.., and last night was a joy to behold and a balm for my soul in those moments in each performance that revealed your honest intentions.

I pray you all peace, on your journeys to those special places your gifts will take you.

Brother EDEN Douglas

New York, New York


Friday, July 14, 2006


R e B I R T H D A Y S

When a baby is born, entering this world of challenges and disappointments, a parent has the auspicious duty to guide and to protect this growing child from a number of real and imagined obstacles. As they guide and protect, they're also in charge of teaching those same skills of survival they've learned from their parents. Imagine, now, you own rate of growth and how so many of those early lessons learned, you discover in adulthood, were taught out of fear.., not Faith, and frustration, ...not Love. We are quick to forgive them, saying things like they 'did the best they could' while secretly despising them for not knowing how to give us more of what we needed, then what they never got as a child. As a child matures, we mark the momentous occasions with religious fervor... "she got her teeth at four months!! I could no longer breast feed..." "He pulled up on his own at six months, but her baby was already walking by then..." And so it goes, always amazed at the quickness of mastering a new skill set, while disappointed that somehow we weren't doing our best work in comparison to another's growth. When an infant arrives at that magical moment of their first year's birthday.., we take stock of the journey and celebrate a year's worth of accomplishments with reckless abandon.

Why is it, then, that we fail to carry on this tradition of growth as adults? Instead, we appear to live a full year in denial of our actual 'growth' and so when the day of the celebration appears and NOW you can really know what it means to be 25 (remember, you weren't born at 1 year old, you were 'rewarded' that level after a year's growth), we spend all our time 'wishing' we were still 24, and what should be a joyous graduation to that 25th level of life, we begin a pattern of denial, lies and deception and we set up this strange dance with the universe, wanting, wishing and praying for the wisdom of Solomon, as long as we can remain 22. Absolutely, insanity.

So, with that said, on Sunday the 16th of July, I'll proudly celebrate the level of 49 years in existence and I've had so many incredible insights and moments of growth this year in particular! Many of those reading this blog, I didn't even know, this time, last year, so I'm particularly blessed for those that are 'new' to my journey. I've been given the rare honor of truly becoming a spiritual big brother to a few of you and you know that I don't take my role lightly and I love my little brothers deeply and sincerely and plan to remain healthy and of a sound mind in order to see you all mature. That's a promise, and a few of you have been secretly worried for me, I know, for it's no real secret that at times, 'tho I love the journey, I've hated the terrain I've had to travel and on more than a few occasions, considered prematurely taking some permanent detours. But your love and support continues to keep me safe and focused and I'm grateful for each and everyone that's stood vigil at those critical pit stops.

As I prepare now, for the road to 50, I can honestly say, I anticipate this leg of the journey as being my most significant, yet. The stage has been set, now, for a most incredible experience.

I've got a feeling that very soon, we'll all RISE up to the level of our callings as this is my perennial wish for each and every one I communicate with is for you to see your real and honest growth and to celebrate it, with reckless abandon!

Stay Tuned...


Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I'm so glad to get to do this review.

Every now and then, you know you're in the 'right place, at the right time' and getting to just tell a few others that love great music about the next 'big thing' in soulful singers is a privilege I don't take lightly. LYNNE FIDDMONT has produced, engineered and written an incredible release in FLOW on MidLife Records. To attempt to describe it is to immediately do it an injustice. It's an aural experience that literally borders on a spiritual awakening. You'll first experience the sheer joy of HOLIDAY, a tune that could easily become an anthem on jazz and R&B stations alike. It's light and easy and full of wonder and sang with such passion, you just want to get up from your desk and literally take a holiday. But where most CD's fail to deliver on the followup tunes after auspicious openings, this outing continues to build, one on top of the other until we are left breathless from the enormity of talent that is Lynne Fiddmont. Her voice isn't filled with tricks nor does she attempt to outshine her arrangements, she's comfortable being subtle, and part of the whole. She's reminiscent of all the great vocalists in that you know she's a true musician, studying the craft of tone, placement and timing. Every tune is a stand out for various reasons, but heed the advice of the title tune FLOW, that reminds us to simply get in the go.., and live this life that we have, as opposed to the one we wish we had. Ending with her passionate reading of NO REGRETS, you can understand that the tune as it's arranged is meant to show you her depth of skill as vocalist, but do pay attention to the lyrics of this song as she tells us exactly the kind of woman she's become in this new chapter of her life and career. Having sang and performed with so many of the legendary artists of this recent era, she dedicates FLOW to the memory of the late Carl Anderson, her mentor and friend. She says that he's responsible for encouraging her that she, too, might have something special to share. In the world of understatements, this one is supreme.

Experience FLOW, and watch it elevate you in ways only great music can. If you happen to be in the L.A. area, there's a listening party and concert, tonight, July 11th at 8pm at the Aura Nightclub in Studio City. It's also a night that will honor Breast Cancer Survivors. Visit her BLOG to learn more about the details.

~Brother EDEN Douglas

Sunday, July 02, 2006



This week has been quite revealing. I discovered new devils on this new level of insight and inspiration.

If you've not been following these reviews on a regular basis, (...where have you been... I'm kidding.., well, not really...), much has been going on in the way of discovering music that heals and reveals and it's been teaching me patience as I've had to take the time to listen to these songs in quite reflection. In the course of that listening, I've developed an even deeper love for artists who truly lay their heart and souls open for all to experience. These songs and artists are tremendously important to the evolution of this planet and have valuable life lessons to share, whether that was their original intention or not as they sat down to write and then record their tunes. The new devils I speak about are reflected in the discovery that while so many of the artists that I love are truly battling to remain artists of integrity, at every turn, there's someone offering them some short term benefit for a lifetime of commitment and servitude and they're challenged to remain true to their callings, while so often 'needing' the very help they relunctantly must say 'no' to. I'm hopeful, however, that Goodness and Mercy will prevail... and I'm determined to stay at this post, drawing attention to those artists and their songs that got me through another week of challenges and changes. This SOUND MIND and MUSIC WEEK in REVIEW has some delightfully energetic contributions 'cause I just feel we need to get 'moving' this week and shake off these dark clouds that's been hoovering, too long. And, if you happen to stomp on a devil or two.., in the immortal words of ERNESTO.., well, the Devil's Gotta Run.

"Run, run, run, run, devils..."

Brother EDEN Douglas

New York, New York



I love finding new music. And the fact that I'm not paid to do it, allows it to remain a passion that's driven by my instinctive need to 'heal myself' and every now and then there's a tune that harmonically gets to me.., and just makes me want to spend time with the artist that 'heard' these sounds, this way.., and ask them, 'do you know what you've created'? THIS IS is a great tune, full of insightful lyrics and is sang with emotion and passion by it's lead singer, Skip Danko, but it's the instrumentation that you'll certainly pay attention to. Milan East on Bass, Synth and Rhodes, Enno Lengert on Guitar and Kontrabass and Thilko Rassau on Guitar have all contributed to the sound that goes to make up this Hamburg based band named SUE. On their official site, another artist is listed, Erik Seemann on Schlagzeug (forgive my lack of adequate translation at this writing, but it's percussive, I believe, in nature) but little else is there to tell you 'their stories'. So, once again, the music draws me, not the pedigree. Just listen to THIS IS and discover a balm for your soul to begin this week of listening....

2. ART of WAR

This song has opened my heart and soul up the possibilities of what dance music can really do. There's thousands of individuals in collective dance clubs across the world that are moving and grooving almost nightly and I'm discovering a group of artists and DJ's (of which I believe I will soon be one) that are using their crafts to really open the hearts and minds up of those that will be making a difference in the years to come. To heal our ecology, our politics, our religions.., music will play a signifcant role and on the forefront of that awakening is the production team known as UNIVERSAL TONGUES. I had to really search to find out the details of this group, as there's no info on the MySpace page, or their main site.., but if you've been underground, mainly in the world of House and Club music, you've most likely already been introduced to them. The ART of WAR from the 2002 release Natural Resouce release, HYPOTHESIS features lyrics and vocals by TOUSSAINT, with production credits by UT's DJ FRAN, The DARRON and ERIC. I welcome all posts that will enlighten me further as to who these artists are and what an impact they're having (and have already had) on their listeners. I'm aware that this tune has to be quite significant in the marketplace for it's subject matter, but even more distinctly for it's courage to 'say more' within this artform.


To truly get the significance of JOE CLAUSSELL and what he's doing with sound.., you must listen to BAHIAN TRANCE and experience it's intricate rhythms of world instruments in this dance artform. But to fully get the impact of his artistry, however, do take a trip through his offical site, , an audio-visual experience into his mind and soul. This is another prime example of how one can follow their spirits into the artform they do best.


These grooves are designed to transport you, while you dance into that sacred place... and this DJ, known simply as RAIN is just another artist I want to honor in this blog about music that elevates. Listen to the Rhythm of Rain in LIFE I and II

5. LIVE from DEEP

Without a doubt, the undisputed leader of spiritually based grooves might just be MARQUES WYATT. His bio is extensive and you can read it in depth on his MySpace page, as well as offsite at He has quite a following, it would appear, for those rare appearances and nights of solo spins on the DJ table in his club, DEEP, in LA. I honor this tune as he educates throughout his rhythms with knowledge in this evolution of 'House Music', chiding and reminding those that are dancing, while they're dancing, to come out of denial into the truth of who they are, not the illusions that can be so easily fostered in the environment of the clubs. How significant is it for one of the most sought after DJ/Producers to take the posture of a teacher, at the height of his career. I applaud his courage and the depth of his conviction. Now go groove, to LIVE from DEEP, part One and Two.

...I'm out, till the same time, next week.