Saturday, March 23, 2013

BrotherEDEN on PEACE ...

BrotherEDEN on PEACE ...

So, you might have noticed the writings on Peace of late.

I'm not sure when the idea started, but I'm certain of it's evolution. I wish, not for the sake of vanity but for clarity, I had a video representation of my journey. I know we've become a visual culture with the attention span of sound bites rather than the unfolding of novels that most lives represent. So I wish I could show you my journey. From darkness to LIGHT, poverty of soul and riches, homelessness in pursuit of a dream, love unrequited and unfulfilled, lessons taught from the pit, reinforcement given to selfish and self-centered wanderers who left fuller than they came while I remained the same.., yes, the visual would have to be sufficient because there's no way I could tell it all.

The thoughts I've been writing on Peace about Peace come after years of never fully having it as a sustained presence.., only the illusion of it, while I isolated myself from even from the idea of a challenge to my self-imposed Peace, where only I aged inside my bubble, while I shared about a life lived, but recognized daily, that it was a life unfinished. What's next? I haven't a clue. I'm not engaged in anyone's life completely. I can't say for certain where I'm needed.., if I'm needed.., or what's left for me to truly do.., that's engaging enough to draw me out and into the chaos, again. I don't think it can possibly be a 'thing' that would be able to do that, anyway, being a man moved more by relationship than opportunity.

But here I sit.., and type, wishing I could share the images in my head rather than, at times, only the words of my heart.
But for now.., the Heart will have to do.

PEACE. May it find us all, at the right moment, in time.