Saturday, December 31, 2011


BEattitude: "Anything you do not wish to overshadow your progress in 2012..,
LEAVE BEHIND in 2011."

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


BEattitude: "Too many times we rush to defend.., to answer.., to explain,
when the only answer is the same one that has stood the test of time.
In the face of every doubter, every critique, every disparaging comment intended to shame or defame..,
Remember this Answer...,
and BE Confident as you step out and into your Destiny."

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


BEattitude: "Too many opportunities in any given day are presented to pass judgment on another who moves through life differently than we might. It's actually harder not to have an opinion or feel obligated to share it, whether asked or not.
When we cease to care about or refuse to share in the opinions of others (especially those that represent the majority or status quo), we can seem unloving at times.
But I ask you to consider the intentions behind those judgments so freely shared.
Are we truly our brother's keepers.., or their accusers? And...
Can any man know what's going on in the heart of another?
It would appear wisest to Judge Not lest we BE Judged, especially as our time becomes increasingly more precious in this uncertain world and equally uncertain times..,
just in case there's a truly serious judgment day on the horizon."

Monday, December 26, 2011

GoodBye 2011

BEattitude: "So Hard to Say Goodbye...
not just to a place you've known all your life.., but to the people that you thought would always BE a present part of your story. But, in order to grow, stronger, wiser, surer, it's Time to Say Goodbye to that part of you that's been such a security blanket even though it hasn't kept you warm for a very long time."

Sunday, December 25, 2011


BEattitude: "Something Old, Something New..,
Something Borrowed.., Something Blue.
This New Year.., Fall in Love with Yourself."

Saturday, December 24, 2011

for the coming NEW YEAR

BEattitude: "We so often think we know our best timing for 'this blessing'.., or 'that prayer' answered..,and when things don't fall into place in that appointed time, we curse God and say he's a fraud.., an unfaithful daddy.., and worse, we stand in defiance of His Love for us.., or others.
Getting a little perspective in our latter years, we can review all those unanswered prayers and if we were able, we would sit down and write a personal Thank You to God for NOT listening to us or our timetable. It's hard to relinquish power and believe that SOMEone knows us better than we know ourselves.
Call it the The Universe, Call Him, GOD.., but we should cease trying to steer our own vessel, blindly, through the fog of our life.
Our 'ship' knows it's destination and it doesn't need the incessant GPS commentary."n


BEattitude: "Most SERMONS are woefully inadequate for these times we live in.
It's not that they're being preached by those with hardened hearts or even that most are preached as a prerequisite to the purchase of a companion series that serves to create a cash flow for what should be a service freely given for all the reasons that are undoubtedly outlined in the sermon.
No, what I object to most is that many don't even attempt to BE relevant, but enjoy being mired in obscure texts that are esoteric at best and theoretic at worst and have nothing to do with the tasks undertaken by anyone living and breathing and dealing with the challenges that are truly being faced on a daily basis.
If one is called to Preach or Teach.., BE CERTAIN of that Call.
It's a simple request, but one of which I believe isn't being required often enough, and certainly not asked by the individual of themselves before embarking on the journey to change lives and hearts."


BEattitude: "More than we might wish to recall, we have more Stressers during the Holiday season than we have pleasant memories. And, the cause for all this unhappiness centers around forgetting (ignoring) the Reason for Season.
This CHRISTmas, let's behave as 'tho we're celebrating the birth of a child.., not appeasing the wanton wishes of a spoiled one, and Make this Season Holy, again."

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


BEattitude: "I feel I've already spent a lifetime, reaching beyond myself for something MORE.
More fulfilling, exciting, meaningful... and I've sacrificed a lot along the way, to keep moving. Friendships, family, jobs.., nothing satisfied for very long in that pursuit of that certain moment in time and place that seemingly only existed in my imagination. Many have personally lost 'respect' for me, I'm sure, as I moved body and soul away from them and my sure thing.
But in the end, we die alone and 'tho this might seem harsh by most standards it's nonetheless the truth: Our journeys are personal and when we alter them to accommodate the fear (or love) of another, we only have ourselves to blame when we awake, unfulfilled.
I know now that what I sought wasn't 'beyond' that particular place and space I was in.., what I sought (and found) was IN ME, all along.
If you can discover that, now, where you are, you'll save yourself (and many others) a lot of unnecessary pain. This I know is true."


BEattitude: "Next to Transformations.., the second hardest evolution for those that are Visionaries, is maintaining an optimistic heart in the face of dramatic and traumatic realities.
Living life unconsciously creates debt (financial and spiritual) and makes the simplest of gestures of goodwill, especially toward yourself, nearly impossible. When we don't treat ourselves with deep love and respect, the VISION that could be borne within us, becomes alien to us and it's THAT VISION that is the secret to your salvation.
To imagine a Better World for yourself, believing that and stepping fully into it, is the reason you are here. Everything else is a distraction to that original Call.., and only when this simple step is accomplished, can we truly LIVE and MOVE and HAVE OUR BEING in the rest of the world."


BEattitude: "Concerning Transformations; They're HARD.
Whether you're changing something you've become accustomed to, breaking a bad habit or altering your life course or lifestyle, they're hard.., and challenging.
Know this -- your will to finish will be tested beyond all your comfort levels. Eventually, you might consider that things weren't so bad and you were 'happier' in the past before you began and then, you'll start to believe all manner of half-truths and blatant lies just to not finish.
Whatever is on the other side of that transformation we believe to be the 'pot' at the end of the rainbow. But along the way, you'll learn there's really no pot 'o gold, just the YOU that you'll discover when you cross that finish line.
See, you are Your Own Best Thing.
BE the Change You Seek."

Sunday, December 18, 2011


BEattitude: "I don't live a Life filled with Barriers.., but I do live a Life of Boundaries.
All too often I'm challenged in one way or another, but I've learned that if an other gets you to compromise on your Boundaries, even if they are the reason you do.., they will quickly lose respect for you while at the same time celebrating getting you to behave like the majority. I know there's safety in numbers, and many need the validation of a committee before they make the simplest decisions, but those victories that truly matter come from knowing your own boundaries and becoming steadfast as you're challenged.
Don't lose the internal battles in order to prove yourself a team player.., especially during this Season."

What's Your Hurry?

BEattitude: - Do you know where you're going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you.., where are you going to..,
Do You Know? -
"I love that lyric from Diana Ross' MAHOGANY soundtrack. Great questions that represent the ultimate search and viewpoint of this journey called Life. Most only discover partial answers to them, however, in the latter half of their journeys because when we're younger we feel we have all the time in the world to 'become wise and intentional' with our walks.
The next verse poses this query...
- Do you get what you're hoping for.., when you look behind you there's no open door.., what are you hoping for.., Do You Know? -
See, in our rush to see all, do all and become all.., we close a lot of doors, shun a lot of opportunities that only as we age, we see clearly how much of an advantage we had. It's sad that only when those opportunities are no longer available do we realize how invaluable they were.
SLOW DOWN. BE STILL. LEARN. LISTEN. BEFORE you take off to conquer the world and re-write the physical (and spiritual) laws of nature.
GROW DEEPER in your own Truth.., then, GO FORTH with yo 'bad self!"

INcourage Yourself

BEattitude: "There are occasions in every life when one no longer wishes to be encouraged. Have you experienced one of those moments? The pain can be so great, there's no denying it and it must be experienced in all it's intensity. You can almost resent anyone attempting to lessen it by their encouragement or understanding. Counseling someone who is determined to live in the center of their pain is not only difficult.., it can feel futile. What's the solution?
We must learn what it is IN the pain that we love.
We may find our distorted definition of ourselves cocoons that pain.
Discovering our complicity allows us to fully release that pain..,
and INcourage ourselves."

Saturday, December 17, 2011


BEattitude: "I hear a lot of stories. Everyone has one.
People struggle for love and acceptance and often hold back on the things that matter most to them for fear of losing the little support they have.
If you're being forced to or have chosen to live beneath your calling, ...if you're hiding your Light, ...if you've chosen to make things 'easier' for others by denying your own Truth, TODAY is the day you simply stop doing anything that's making you sad ...and separated.
Become an active PARTner in your own life, not simply a passenger."

Friday, December 16, 2011


BEattitude: 'ALONE...'
"Being Alone is not a synonym for loneliness. So many fear being by themselves, always needing a team of supporters or a committee of family and friends to make the simplest decisions. I wonder about those especially that achieve a measure of success without ever fully knowing what was in their heart and their heart, ALONE.
See, we are born and we are buried, singularly. Only ONE comes through the birth canal and only ONE enters that death chamber. We gather loved ones throughout our lives, sometimes like trophies on a shelf, oftentimes so we don't have to sit in silence and learn our deepest fears in order to achieve our greatest achievements. With so many to maintain and entertain, do we ever know our own minds, our own thoughts.., and make our BEST decisions?
I wonder...
BEing ALONE isn't about disconnecting from life.., it's about ENGAGING Life honestly.., perhaps for the first time. Gather support, yes.., but BE certain that those you trust in the most are actually helping you birth your unique visions and dreams."

Thursday, December 15, 2011


BEattitude: "If you're not being yourself, in all situations, have you at least discovered the reason, 'why'?
This journey through life isn't about perfection but intention. Manipulating your core beliefs to gain advantage, or take advantage will always come back on you in a manner most unpleasant. Hiding yourself from others is also detrimental to your good health, spiritually and physically.
It takes less effort to be transparent, than opaque, cloudy, shady.., dark."


BEattitude: "I've been thinking about Connection...
Especially with those we connect to In The Spirit.., which isn't necessarily a religious bond, but most certainly is a Spiritual one.
Too often we feel this connection with others, only to have it severed when we insist upon them having our exact doctrine, understanding or viewpoint. Where did the initial connection go? Was it a lie.., or did we simply not 'trust' what we felt over what we believed? If I only connect to others who mirror my exact attitude.., what have I accomplished?
I pray we all trust our connections, more.
I pray that we befriend those that need us as friends more than we accumulate contacts for social, business and religious standings.
I pray we trust the Spirit of Christ in us, more than we seek the reflection of Jesus in others. We're not as wise as we think we are if we think we can recognize Him anyway. Remember those that knew Him, never really KNEW Him and overlooked Him on more than a few occasions.
Are we sure we can really do better than those that walked with Him??
Today.., LISTEN to and TRUST the connections your Heart makes."


BEattitude: "As our journeys intersect, there's Joy and Excitement as the Mystery unfolds of how we're connected. There may come a day, no matter how hard to try to delay it, when our paths diverge and we must go our separate ways. If we can do this gracefully, the next one to connect to us will find us easily. If we're less than graceful, we not only interfere with our present paths, but we delay how and when another might connect to us.
We must Love and Let Go, throughout our lives and know that
Once We're Connected in Spirit, in the Spirit our Connection Remains."


BEattitude: "There's really nothing to FEAR.
All F.E.A.R. is False Evidence Appearing Real and once you know that, you can stop fighting the shadow of a problem and discover it's root.
Once you can 'name' the source, it's no longer a nebulous fear and the solution soon follows that which has been accurately named."

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

15 Years.., and Counting

A PERSONAL MESSAGE from Brother EDEN Douglas:
"This one is personal. 15 years ago, tonight, I was literally at my bottom. And I reached out, in the dark.., and asked for help.
All I heard then was, 'Time to Get Sober'.
Tonight, I reach out in the dark and I ask, again, for help now that I'm Sober. This time, it's not to save my Life.., but to be given a purpose for this Sober Life.
So much of what we call the finer things in Life, are truly worthless if your heart, mind and soul are tuned to something deeper.., more profound than trinkets. There must be a purpose for this level of commitment that is deeper than material trappings.
I BElieve there's a platform for all that I am, and hope to BEcome.
But wait.., hasn't that prayer's been answered?!
THANK YOU for reading these BEattitudes, and allowing me a voice while transitioning.
This is Who I am and What I have to show for staying the course the last 15 years.
Here's to the next 15 !!!"

Monday, December 12, 2011


BEattitude: "We often hear others refer to a 'new beginning' or a 'new awakening' and although this might BE True in a descriptive way, in the spiritual sense, it's the same linear journey.., just a further point on the horizon than where one might have begun.
I know this to BE True..,

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Standing in Your Own Way

BEattitude: "Why are you Standing in your Own Way?
Where is that one that bullied you in High School, today?
Where is that teacher that discouraged your flights of fancy?
Where is that relative that shamed you publicly, to make themselves feel better?
Where is that boss that never gave you credit for your tireless efforts?
Where is that Preacher that didn't show you compassion or kindness?
If none of them are present, today, then answer me this...
There's a Clear Path Ahead..., Time for Lift Off !!"

Sunday, December 04, 2011

just STOP IT

BEattitudes: "How much of your Life is spent Resisting what is and desiring what isn't?
Are you aware that with all your Resistance, you cannot stop the flow of things as they must BE and your Resistance is actually delaying everything you desire?
BEing Grateful and Appreciative in the Present Moment is the final passageway to True Peace and Happiness, just on the other side of Resistance."


BEattitude: "This morning I awoke with this REVELATION..
ALL THIS is Transitory.., Impermanent.., Fleeting.
Holding onto anything.., Love, Laughter, Pain, Joy, Money, ...even Health.., is Futile. King Solomon, bestowed with Heavenly Wisdom, wrote, "Vanity of vanities! All is Vanity!"
But this isn't a reason to despair.., it's actually a reason to Rejoice and BE present, NOW. That problem, debt, broken heart, business failure, deferred dream that kept you awake, last night.., is ALL illusion.
Don't be distracted any longer from LIVING NOW.
Lost time cannot be regained. There will be NO make up test.

Thursday, December 01, 2011


BEattitude: "Nothing's more profound than your silence in the face of critique, disdain or disparagement. Stand silent before those that wish to shame you with their words as they seek to illicit a response to add fuel to the fire they've lit at your feet in their attempt to burn you at the stake. It's a modern version of a lynching and before that, a crucifixion.
Never say a mumbling word in defense or dispute.
BE Prayerful internally in that moment of despair, blessing them that wish to spitefully abuse you and BeLIGHT.
It really is better to Light One Candle in your own heart.., than to curse the darkness in theirs."