Monday, July 12, 2010


Written in Anticipation of Friday, July 16th, the event of my 53rd Birthday.

I know many who fear getting older. I've never quite understood this. Isn't that like saying, I fear Tuesdays as if by saying so, you can remain in Sundays for the rest of your life?? With all the creams, pills and plastic surgery that proposes to turn back time, at best, all they can do is make you a pretty corpse. While concentrating so much of looking young, our body ages on us all the same, and often catches us unaware.

But there's also a group who, by embracing the passage of time, seemingly never age. Their inner light illumines their countenance in such a way that their energy propels them beyond what others think those in their age should look like or how they should behave.

All I know for sure is that life moves forward, whether we believe it should or not. Embracing things as they are, and not as we wish them to be, begins with loving ourselves beyond the external. Phase one, it would appear for me, was getting the poisons out of my body. Then, I had to reduce the stresses of my life, even if it meant not being the man, brother, son, husband or lover others desired me to be. Learning to listen to my own heart for more than it's desires, but also for it's life lessons has brought me to this revelation:

My best days are ahead.

I know, you think that's a simple statement. But consider this, I've had four friends commit suicide who didn't believe that.

Still think it's simple?

In the immortal words of Cee-Lo..., WAKE UP AND LIVE !!!

Birthday Prayers and Well Wishes may now begin...,

This 53rd BIRTHDAY WEEK is in full force !!