Monday, November 19, 2007


I am so pleased to be in a new place, with new brothers (and sisters) and finally the fresh start I dreamt of at the beginning of the year when I moved body and soul from NYC to the desert of New Mexico.
At that time, I only knew that I needed to spend my 50th birthday in a new space, in every sense of the word. What I didn't know was exactly where I would settle, or what I would do, once settled. The blogs that follow this post chronicle that transition and it was interesting to re-read some of them. All I see when I read them is GRACE.., God's unmerited favor that has sustained me through every twist and turn.
If you truly desire to know me and haven't found the courage or the time to ask me those questions that are burning in your mind and soul.., I suggest you read these blogs, link around my many, many sites and just see what God has in store for you as you peruse this part of my life's journey. I suspect that if you're still reading this in this moment, you might already be a good friend of mine and most of this info is already part of our relationship.., but I sense that even those that think they know me, will still experience a few new insights.., if not about me, perhaps about yourself.
I know that my wish for all of us in this Thanksgiving season is for us to be more kind, more considerate and less judgmental of one another as we discover that we're all are on the same path to enlightenment, at different levels.

With all of that said, in closing,

Be more forgiving and you'll not need to be forgiven.

GOD Bless Us All...