Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I feel someone right now needs to remember that the best mentors are those that can empathize with your struggle.., not just express sympathy from a lofty pedestal.., or pulpit.

BEattitude: “How can I BE disappointed by your behavior, when all that’s in you, is also in me?
To speak against your darkness, effectively, only means I recognize the patterns and the behavior and their familiarity is troubling and seeing you at your worst unsettles me.
So my instinct is to criticize…
but my obligation is to say, “I Understand”…
so that you might Know and Believe there’s LIGHT, as reflected in me, at the end of your tunnel, too.”

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


BEattitude: "We all try, even when we appear not to, to see our way clearly.
If only we had time to allow the mud to settle, the water to clear BEFORE we engage others, have children, accept that promotion.., commit the precious time away that's needed to see our way clear. In the business of Living Life, especially Full Lives, we forget to spend time with the One that's at the center of everything we desire to achieve.
No, not God.., OURselves.
Being Designed to BE an Instrument of Peace, Love and Compassion to the World, we fail miserably in doing so when we forget that We are the first recipient of our own Peace, Love and Compassion. It's True, you can't Give Away what you don't possess or value internally. In lieu of those qualities we wish to impart, we pass along doubt, despondency, listlessness and a host of other undesirable qualities.
If only we gave ourselves Time.., for the mud in our lives to settle.., and the water to BEcome clear."


Goodbye Whitney.

Sunday, February 05, 2012


BEattitude: "Do you own scholarship on your sacred traditions. BE sure that what you BELIEVE to BE Truth and Fact, is borne out of the Truth, not a distortion for political, economic or religious gain. Too much of our History is tainted, tarnished and transmuted and we build on those fallacies ideologies that are destined to fail us when we need them most.