Friday, March 31, 2006


"Well, it's about TIME!!"

I can imagine the many Paul Mac Innes fans and friends saying in concert at the recent release of his first EP. I don't know if that's a blessing or something a little less than one, 'tho. How ridiculous is it that someone with such talent and zest for life that exposes itself in his soulfilled performances, has not been seriously recorded (except through his own efforts) in a debut release before now is intriguing and part of the mystique that is Paul Mac Innes. With his writing partner, Tboi (Björn Almgren), these 'brothers of inventions' have finally given their adoring fans their due. And, it is indeed about TIME?! This tune stands alone as the reason this reviewer knows that Paul's moment of ascension is closer than we might think. His vocal prowess is so evidently unique and distinctive that with only one listen, you'll become a convert and worship all things 'Mac Innes' from then on. Don't Know Me (Buggin') is a great tune to allow you to hear his playfulness vocally and lyrically. The song warns you about rolling up on someone with an agenda, who's determined to keep things simple and straightforward. Tboi's arrangements give Paul plenty of room to discover new interpretations of his obviously well-rehearsed songs. Just hearing these tunes, again and again, you always feel like you're listening for the first time, which is the genius of the arrangements which are old-school without being 'dated'. Their fresh appeal extends to all the cuts on this EP, but I warn you, five songs will never be enough from this gifted Swede and you'll soon be scouring the CD stores for those other stand out vocals he's recorded on a few other notable artists releases. Just visit him at his official site, or his MySpace entity for more details about his discography. The EP is located on iTUNES. Paul is also part of the compilation SOUND MIND and MUSIC REVIEW with his stellar tune, Even Though, located at


Sunday, March 19, 2006

NICK FUGEDI: The Sand and The Sea:

I wouldn't called Nick Fugedi of Kalamazoo, Michigan a simple man.., but I would say his music is simple, uncomplicated and unadorned with tricks or gimmicks. It's solid songwriting and is sublime to listen to, as a musician and vocalist. He's right on the verge of something.. you sense, 'tho he seems in no hurry to get 'there'. Seems with songs like "Crossroad of Time" and "The Sand and The Sea" (title cut of latest EP) he's content to be 'right here, right now' and I would venture a guess that if you're fortunate to see him perform, he works for a room full of people the same way he would perform for a room of only a few. I like the way his songs feel.., full of honesty and straight-forward sentiment, always speaking a truth easily recognizable by anyone who's been there. Just give a listen to the mood he casts in "This Rolling Storm" and "Naked and Blind" where he sings and plays with an old soul's maturity about the pain of life and it's changes and challenges in 'Storm' and love gone wrong in the latter. On the EP are some hidden tracks that I suspect where only late additions to a stellar line-up. Special recognition needs to be paid to "She Dreams" for it's witty lyrics and tender almost mournful delivery. You can read between the lines that this tune might hold a clue as to how this artist feels about leaving his comfortable base for a larger unknown environment, but with a certainity this reviewer feels he's got nothing to worry about. He's already successful at the hardest part of being a musician.., being one of substance and unique style, one easily identifiable and that Nick has already accomplished. Get a copy and/or give a listen to the "The Sand and The Sea" on
MySpace - and see don't you agree. ~BD of