Tuesday, December 11, 2012



16 years ago, after a week of binge drinking, I awoke and saw a reflection in the mirror that startled me. I saw clearly my father's face staring back at me.., and I vowed then and there to never see that reflection, again. I foun
d an AA Meeting and began the slow journey of recovery and restoration. I post this, on the eve of my 16th Anniversary of Sobriety to allow all my friends in the various time zones to read my words of testimony and encouragement.
Whatever you're believing, praying, hoping will change.., CAN change, if you just approach the transition.., ONE DAY AT A TIME.
Sobriety has NOT made me wealthy.., nor has it been the catalyst for all of my dreams and visions coming true. In fact, things are oftentimes, unbearable. But through it all, by not drinking my cares and troubles away.., I live to fight another day.., with a clear mind and a sound heart. And, no matter what others might say, that is the point of it all.
SOBRIETY is it's own reward.
Everything else comes by Prayer and Supplication.., if you're clear enough to remember what you truly desire.


Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Saudade is a Portuguese word that doesn't have a literal English translation.
It's an expression of the feeling of missing some one or some thing...

After 9-11, I felt SAUDADE.., and I knew I needed to leave NYC in pursuit of that 'some thing' I was missing there.., but it wasn't until 2006 when I visited New Mexico that I began to discover my heart and soul, again.

The Journey continues.., arduous, anchoring and often alienating.., but awakening, all the same.

I'm still here after all this time.., 'tho I look up and out and wonder just where I might wander to, next?

Any suggestions?
 From 2007, age 50, seven months into my sojourn in the desert of New Mexico.