Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Origin of EDENintheDESERT

Becoming EDENintheDESERT has truly transformed my life.., and my theology. I don't say much about the latter, but I blog often about about the former. Today, I'm going to share a little about the evolution of EDENintheDESERT.

Moving to New Mexico, without the promise of a job, from the metropolis of New York City was considered by many to be the beginning of the end of everything.., especially my sanity. But having only visited here for three weeks back in 2006, I just felt strongly that I had to leave everything 'safe' in NYC for the uncertainty of the desert.., or lose the best parts of my humanity, if I remained in that urban jungle. I know many are desperate to experience NYC and I pray everyone gets the chance to fulfill whatever dreams they have for themselves but I do have one word of caution in the blind pursuit of your passion.., just be sure your passion is your calling.

To make it in NYC or any other place, one can forget to persue the LIGHT in the pursuit of their passion. I can only advise you not to compromise. Coming to the desert, I am slowly learning a simplier approach to life and for me, that has saved me from even trying to compete with the multi-million dollar promtional and marketing machines that finance so many with no vision, no life experience and unfortunately, very little integrity in their craft or honest conviction as to why they're performing except to become famous. When all that fails, many will settle for infamy as witnessed on the majority of reality shows.

WHERE IS THE LIGHT in our artistry?

We can't criticize the business any longer if we refuse to believe in or support those artists that are truly writing and performing from sacred and anointed places. Hear me clearly, this is a plea for more truthfulness in all our crafts. This world is struggling to right itself and whether we wish to accept it our not, more money is spent in the entertainment industry than on the federal military budget. This is not exaggeration. Consider the intake of the GAMING, DVD, FILM, MUSIC and SPORTS industries and is there any wonder how they can afford the salaries, film budgets and technology that continues to move their industry forward while the health, education and affordable housing industries erode from neglect? I was a young boy during the most critical moments in the Civil Rights Movement of the sixties, but I remember how important the music and films produce during that time period were to bringing awareness to the plight of the disenfranchised and of the injustices that passed for law. Much of that artistry is still resonating for it's purity of purpose and intention. I long to be that kind of producer/artist. I long to do formally what I've done personally for many years now. I long to make a difference by being a part of the solution and no longer just a harbinger that talks incessantly about the ills of our land.

WHERE IS THE LIGHT in our artistry?

I know there are many, like myself, that are not only sick, but extremely tired of the dribble we are being fed on any given day as 'the best' in our various mediums and crafts. I know how easy it is to grow resentful of those that have so much.., and yet, do so little and say even less. All I can do is my best and I purpose to not be afraid anymore to speak up and share my own reality, in hopes that my doing so, I might find the kindred spirits and the desperate support I need to make my passion to SHARE LIGHT with the world, a reality.

EDENintheDESERT isn't just my alias, but it's the seed of a visionary place.., a home for wayfaring artists to be nurture and encouraged and supported while they develop into the advocates, soldiers and LIGHT bearers this world needs. I'm burdened by the enormity of my vision no longer. I knew when I left NYC, why I was called to desert.., and for the longest time, I've tried to hide my LIGHT, perhaps even to snuff it out by subjugating my purpose, call and will in the employ of others, just be left alone, to not have to care.., and certainly not to do anything to make a difference.

But I can be silent no longer.

I've seen the LIGHT in so many and have been powerless to help them. Hollow encouragement in the end doesn't give the needed leg up and placement in this world so that their LIGHT can shine. Am I asking for help? Without a doubt.., 'tho, let me be clear. If I've been any encouragement to anyone ever, I pray you'll read what I've written with a particular clarity. If I don't know you and I've moved you to know more and make an introduction, I welcome hearing your testimony. All I want to do is pursue the eventual dream of building a hub for others to join in virtually or physically. This will be the hardest thing I may ever do.., but I must.

What's the point of being a VISIONARY if all my life I'm going to continue to play it safely?

The need is monumental. The desire is even greater, however. And the will to succeed is life-affirming. If you've interested in knowing how specifically you might collaborate, feel free to contact me directly at ... If you're the silent contributor type, that same email address is my PayPal account. All I wish for today is that I've open the door to your heart to consider that WE can change our world.., one artist, one song, one screenplay, one work of art, one well chosen act of kindness, at a time.