Tuesday, December 11, 2012



16 years ago, after a week of binge drinking, I awoke and saw a reflection in the mirror that startled me. I saw clearly my father's face staring back at me.., and I vowed then and there to never see that reflection, again. I foun
d an AA Meeting and began the slow journey of recovery and restoration. I post this, on the eve of my 16th Anniversary of Sobriety to allow all my friends in the various time zones to read my words of testimony and encouragement.
Whatever you're believing, praying, hoping will change.., CAN change, if you just approach the transition.., ONE DAY AT A TIME.
Sobriety has NOT made me wealthy.., nor has it been the catalyst for all of my dreams and visions coming true. In fact, things are oftentimes, unbearable. But through it all, by not drinking my cares and troubles away.., I live to fight another day.., with a clear mind and a sound heart. And, no matter what others might say, that is the point of it all.
SOBRIETY is it's own reward.
Everything else comes by Prayer and Supplication.., if you're clear enough to remember what you truly desire.


Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Saudade is a Portuguese word that doesn't have a literal English translation.
It's an expression of the feeling of missing some one or some thing...

After 9-11, I felt SAUDADE.., and I knew I needed to leave NYC in pursuit of that 'some thing' I was missing there.., but it wasn't until 2006 when I visited New Mexico that I began to discover my heart and soul, again.

The Journey continues.., arduous, anchoring and often alienating.., but awakening, all the same.

I'm still here after all this time.., 'tho I look up and out and wonder just where I might wander to, next?

Any suggestions?
 From 2007, age 50, seven months into my sojourn in the desert of New Mexico.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


BEattitude: "Knowing WHO you are is your only defense against being led onto a false path. BE very careful needing a community to inform your every decision.
You are ultimately responsible for what's been entrusted to you to create and accomplish.
Prepare NOW to stand in the end and BE Confident that you did ALL you were CALLED to Do."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I feel someone right now needs to remember that the best mentors are those that can empathize with your struggle.., not just express sympathy from a lofty pedestal.., or pulpit.

BEattitude: “How can I BE disappointed by your behavior, when all that’s in you, is also in me?
To speak against your darkness, effectively, only means I recognize the patterns and the behavior and their familiarity is troubling and seeing you at your worst unsettles me.
So my instinct is to criticize…
but my obligation is to say, “I Understand”…
so that you might Know and Believe there’s LIGHT, as reflected in me, at the end of your tunnel, too.”

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


BEattitude: "We all try, even when we appear not to, to see our way clearly.
If only we had time to allow the mud to settle, the water to clear BEFORE we engage others, have children, accept that promotion.., commit the precious time away that's needed to see our way clear. In the business of Living Life, especially Full Lives, we forget to spend time with the One that's at the center of everything we desire to achieve.
No, not God.., OURselves.
Being Designed to BE an Instrument of Peace, Love and Compassion to the World, we fail miserably in doing so when we forget that We are the first recipient of our own Peace, Love and Compassion. It's True, you can't Give Away what you don't possess or value internally. In lieu of those qualities we wish to impart, we pass along doubt, despondency, listlessness and a host of other undesirable qualities.
If only we gave ourselves Time.., for the mud in our lives to settle.., and the water to BEcome clear."


Goodbye Whitney.

Sunday, February 05, 2012


BEattitude: "Do you own scholarship on your sacred traditions. BE sure that what you BELIEVE to BE Truth and Fact, is borne out of the Truth, not a distortion for political, economic or religious gain. Too much of our History is tainted, tarnished and transmuted and we build on those fallacies ideologies that are destined to fail us when we need them most.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


BEattitude: "How often do we give a Good Report?...
Now, reflect on the last question you were asked and your immediate response.
All too often we answer unconsciously and automatically and those responses don't portray our true Heart or our Intention.., or do those answers betray the image we've created of ourselves?
Pause for a moment and consider that if your immediate response isn't a Good Report.., delay that answer, till you're certain you can give one.
We create that which we speak, dispense and repeat the most often.
BEing Truthful, at the cost of our Peace or the Creation of Our Well Being, seems like a hollow victory. Sometimes 'keeping it real' keeps us stuck in the quagmire of our dysfunction.
Resist the urge with me to speak or perform unconsciously and practice a week of Good Reports and let's just see what happens."

Saturday, January 21, 2012


BEattitude: "My first thought this morning of was of a 'tight' space.., a narrow passage. I saw in this impasse, a log jam of souls straining to reach through to the other side, where the expanse there held answers and relief.
Yet behind them was a wide field of misinformation and misguided revelry. If only the souls could turn a deaf ear to their beckoning whispers to pass through that narrow space they might have found the same blissful ignorance and danced also in the field with reckless abandon.
But instead they're cued, waiting to be welcomed on the other side.
If you ever awake, feeling a like pressure and nothing you've seen or done has satisfied..,
Welcome to the Cue..."

Sunday, January 15, 2012


BEattitude: "The hardest decision you will ever make is to 'Knock' or 'Not to Knock'.
Just know, some doors are closed for a reason and attempting to discover what's behind those closed doors deters Living Fully NOW on this side of the closed door.


BEattitude: "When one chooses to end their own life.., there's a string of events that are altered, a series of missed opportunities and fortuitous meetings that never come to fruition.., creative, spiritual and social inventions that die untimely as well and are diverted back into The Source of all Life.
There's a sadness in the wake of those that leave us too soon.., especially if by their own misguided willful spirits. Counsel those who are considering this path, carefully. And, if in reading this, you see yourself.., consider those that you will leave behind and the journey you'll set into motion for them if you give in to your despair.
Endure the Pain of Life, but Choose Life all the same."

Friday, January 13, 2012


BEattitude: "WATER is Cleansing. WATER is Healing. WATER is Rejuvenating.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


BEattitude:" Your path has led you to THIS day, THIS moment..,
when you call your True Name into existence,
everything 'restarts' for you and you will now LIVE more fully than ever.
BEGIN Now, with your New Definition.
BEGIN Now, with your New Name.
BEGIN Now, with your NEW Purpose.
Understand your First Steps will BE in Darkness..,
but there's LIGHT on the Horizon. Just keep Moving Forward.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


BEattitude: "BE CAREFUL...
Be Careful of how you spend your time..,
Be Sure that the majority of the time you spend reflect who you are,
not who someone else needs you to be.
Be Careful of the love you lavish upon another... Be Sure that they're reciprocating as much as they're receiving.
Be Careful of the things that draw your focus..,
Be Sure that what you're viewing is building you up, not destroying your mind or soul.
Be Careful of the news you digest and take to heart..,
Be Sure that you have been called to solve those problems that you're most passionate about.
Be Careful as you interact with the world around you..,
Be Sure that you're inspired more often than you're intimidated by those in your community and in your work.
Walk circumspectly.
BE CAREFUL with your LIFE."


BEattitude: "Don't go your entire life BEing misunderstood.
If there's any confusion about WHO you are, perhaps it's BEcause you've never fully defined yourself to yourself and conversely others are following your lead.
BE Clear about WHO you are. Clarity BEgins and ends with you."

Saturday, January 07, 2012


BEattitude: “We all wish for Better Lives.
It’s been my experience, however, that only Better Attitudes about the Life we Have creates the Pathway to the Better Life we Seek.

Friday, January 06, 2012


They are NOT Mine to Hoard. They are Only On Loan.

Thursday, January 05, 2012


BEattitude: "There's no doubt that we each wish to BE HEALED, immediately.
As much as we Pray and Believe for this Miracle, the Truth is we continue to HEAL DAILY.
Pain, Heartbreak and Heartache, Hopelessness, Fear, Distrust.., all slowly ebb away over time.
YOU Will BE HEALED.., in Time.
Just allow yourself to HEAL DAILY."

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


BEattitude: "Allowing Another to Shine, is Grace at Work."

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


BEattitude: "Isn't it Time that your DREAMS Inspired You?"

Monday, January 02, 2012

Sunday, January 01, 2012


BEattitude: "I Desire to BE part of the Dialogue concerning the Changes happening in our World. That is My Intention.
I know This is Who I Am. My articulation is to Always Do What I Can, especially when those decisions are unpopular.., or even unwise.
What's the point of playing it safe if in doing so, we die a little each day?
Make the Decisions that are Necessary, not Convenient."


BEattitude: "Once you Awaken, it's necessary to find the Words to Express that Awakening. ARTICULATION is Paramount. SPEAK into Existence the thing that lives only in your Soul. No time for Timidity or Intimidation. No Longer BE Bound by Fear of Change or Challenge. THIS IS YOUR TIME to BE BOLD.
ARTICULATION is the Key to Your Success in 2012."


BEattitude: "EVERYthing that is possible, BEgins, NOW. AWAKEN."