Wednesday, October 28, 2009


There's the story that goes: ....A man and his son are standing in a cue.., a line, awaiting a future event and the son is impatient..., asking continually, 'What are we going to see ??!', ...'When is it going to happen???' Finally the father lovingly turned to the son and said, "THIS is IT."

Come now, you who say, "Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, and spend a year there and engage in business and make a profit." Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away. Instead, you ought to say, "If the Lord wills, we will live and also do this or that." But as it is, you boast in your arrogance ; all such boasting is evil. Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin." James 4:13-17

I just returned from a most prophetic evening. In part it was the viewing of Michael Jackson's last offering to the world, the rehearsal footage of the impending THIS IS IT Tour. I would have bet you before I left that this blog was going to be written through tears with pains of regret for all that Michael didn't get to do and for his life being cut so short, seemingly gone too soon. I know that's how I felt when I heard of his death. I cried something wicked as I viewed his funeral and the subsequent burial. But what I feel in this moment is nothing but joy. Joy for a life that was so profound, so meaningful and what he left behind as witnessed in this film should inspire us all to get up off our proverbial bee-hinds and go to work to heal our world, save our planet and love, love, LOVE our neighbors. If we think we're here just to procreate and not truly CREATE something lasting and beautiful with our God given talents, then Michael did die in vain.

You'll witness what Michael truly represented in it's purest form is hard work. The labor of love that he was pouring into that production was monumental in scope and depth. Images, vintage film, cutting edge CGI, the music, the dance, the vocals.., it was an undertaking that a lesser man wouldn't dare attempt, or have the legacy of music to build upon. He was in great form, so all the naysayers can return to their respective caves who never knew Michael but felt compelled to tell us all how weak and feeble a man he was. Whatever pains he supposedly had are non-existent in this footage. You'll see him dance.., get caught up in the spirit of his music.., you'll see him gently correct and teach and inspire by just being in the room. You'll see dancers who were pre-teens when he CREATED the moonwalk mesmerized to be so near the very one that inspired them to dance. Amazing.

I encourage us all to do more with our gifts and talents. This isn't new, I've blogged about this before. The urgency this time around is just a gentle nudging that THIS IS IT. THIS MOMENT is the only one we've been promised. EVERYthing else is wishful thinking. Viewing this documentary tonight wasn't the highlight to my day, however. This morning, I listened to all 39 of my previously recorded songs, uploaded the best 21 for free on a website, prepared a future release of a 26 song anthology called The EDEN Project that will soon be on all the major digital sites (second week of December) and started the concept for the next EP that will pave the way to a new sound and direction for me. I shared all of this in real time with a fellow musician and brother who was literally across the ocean from me in WALES, while at the same time stopping to pray for my spiritual brother in dental school in Denver for the intense workload he's adjusting to daily. And moments before I went into the theater, I decided to take a walk around the block only to meet a young man visiting Albuquerque for the next three weeks only and in short measure made a new friend and brother, who opened his heart to me as we both shared the experience of watching Michael perform. And none of this was promised to me when I awoke this morning.

See this is why I can't be sad, today. There's so much of life ahead and MJ is forever going to be apart of whatever I do from these days forward. In the assurance of that, he lives on.

I know those he shared his final days with feel that certainty even more.