Saturday, June 27, 2009


I don't know what I am going to say, but I felt that I needed to say something about the one and only artist that I actually had as a poster on my wall as a kid.

As much as I would like to say I was a fan, in fact is, I love the Jackson 5. Marlon was born the same year as me, making Michael our younger brother. I was sad when Jermaine chose to stay behind at Motown and marry the owner's daughter and abandon his brothers in their move to CBS Records. The last Motown release, 'Moving Violation' was one of their best releases, 'till that debut on CBS with Style of Life, Blues Away... and 'LIVING TOGETHER'.., where I knew Michael was singing directly to Jermaine. It's hard to explain what it meant to see this 'family' of brothers and later sisters, live and work together. The tours, the saturday morning cartoon, the countless magazine covers.., all the fun they appeared to be having. Everyone wanted to be one of the Jacksons or at least be related to them.., and my sisters wanted to marry at least one of them every week! This one family gave us hope.., gave us joy and made us want to be them. As they matured, went their separate ways.., we all lost a little of the innocence along with them as we, too, matured and went through our share of troubles. Seeing little Michael soar beyond anyone's imagination was thrilling.., and terrifying 'cause you just know that when a star burns so fast and so long.., it has to be extinguished at some time. But, his star seemed to get a second life after weathering so many accusations, deserved or not, 'cause in the end, he was still standing and for that resilience, I applauded him. I remember sharing with someone who was planning on attending his shows in London that I just prayed he would get one last time to shine for so many who had counted him out, rather gleefully, just to remind us of his contribution to this artform. There's not a young band, certainly male pop star that hasn't been influenced by Michael or The Jackson 5. Don't even attempt to argue this point. For him to die of a broken heart, however induced, is exactly the ending he was destined for. When he sang, "I'll Be There", he made a promise and a pledge to a world that didn't even know who much they needed him. His songs are all over the airwaves again, and the number one downloads on all the music sites so in the end, he acheived what he set out to do..., to blanket the world in music again, his ultimate gift. I promise you, this music, the depth and breathe of it, will be analyzed for years to come. ONE MAN, ONE VOICE, changed the world as we would know it had he and his brothers not burst onto the world stage.

GOD BLESS Joe and Katherine Jackson for doing all you knew to do give your family a chance at success. I don't write to validate your choices, but to thank you for doing the best you could for the times we lived in then.

To HIM Whom much is given.., MUCH MORE is required, to live up to those gifts.

Did Michael do his best, all the time?
No, it's obvious he suffered, personally.., but musically, I find no fault in him.

REST, Little Brother Michael