Friday, March 09, 2007


"When I think of HOME, I think of a place..,
Where there's LOVE overflowing..."

If you know your lyrics, this one should be really familiar.., it's from 'The Wiz'. The song has always meant alot to me, for reasons beyond the broadway play and later, the movie. See the original artist, Stephanie Mills, would go on to record a newer version of this song and dedicated it's rendition to those of her friends and fans that had succumbed to aids in the early 80's.

"And just maybe I can convince time to slow up,
giving me enough time, in my life, to grow up..,
Time, be my friend, and let me start, again..."

I've been thinking about 'time' alot these days. Funny how much you have of it, when you're not being consummed by the cares of this world and thusly distracted from listening to your own heart and your own inner thoughts and voice. Something's changed in me.., I can feel it, but I can't quite tell you what the outcome of this inner change will be. I find myself stammering for words of late, something I've rarely done. I see 'colors' again, after living in a subdued world of grey for some time now. And, I feel like I'm finding my way 'home', after a long, long journey into a world far away from my core beliefs and values. I truly am a 'simple man' when I allow myself to be. Problem is, for the longest time, I made my own life so very complicated as I neglected to trust in the God of my youth.

"Suddenly my world's gone and changed it's face,
But I still know where I'm going..,"

At the beginning of the year, I promised some news that I've yet to share.., I didn't forget, I'm just not the only one 'in that news' so I have to wait, but I can tell you it's all about the Music that's still inside of me that beginning to surface. Soon, I'll be able to let you hear what I've really been doing with my extended sabbatical... I think it's my best work, ever. Although, I'll have to wait and let you be the judges of that.., I can tell you, it's my most honest to date.

This week, I finally signed a lease on an apartment in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The first solely inhabited space I've lived in since 1997. Finally, EdenDust has a home. You're all welcomed to visit.., just not at the same time!!

"Living here, in this brand new world,
Might be a fantasy..,
But it's taught me to LOVE,
so, it's REAL to me..."

Peace, Dear Friends.


`EDEN of Albuquerque