Monday, November 28, 2011

Let The SUN In

BEattitude: "Are you prone to Living Your Life Under a Cloud?
I can feel it in most, and I see it all too often in myself and especially in those who believe strongly in what they want.., and when the only path they've deduced in which it can be achieved is threatened, the cloud emerges.
But in any contest, especially those of comparison to an other's journey, there will be winners and losers. You only fail when you compete in someone else's arena. Those on their own individual paths compete with no one. Their sense of placement in the Universe is their own unique footprint.
If you're living beneath a cloud and it's because you think you've missed your chance at true happiness, success or fulfillment on any level, ask yourself simply, 
'By whose standard have I judged my progress'?"

Don't TRIP

BEattitude: "Have you identified the Stumbling Blocks preventing your successful living?
The large ones loom on the horizon.., but those hidden in the crevices are the ones that can truly trip you up. Spend a little more time searching for those that are only visible to you before they become clearly evident to others."


BEattitude: Please AFFIRM with Me...
"My Soul is Open, My Heart is Ready, My Time is NOW."

Saturday, November 26, 2011

...just BREATHE

BEattitude: "Most tension exists when we fail to breathe through our conflicts.
If your first instinct is to tense up at the mere sign of discomfort.., next time, BREATHE and allow the movement of air to take you into a place of calm assurance that this, too, shall pass.., but even if it doesn't, you're in a place of peace observing it's vain attempt to disturb you.
PEACE exists by Invitation and remains because of Intention."

Friday, November 25, 2011

Try Again

BEattitude: "The BEST you can do, is the LEAST you can do, to Move yourself Forward. Don't judge your results, but the Spirit in which the actions were taken."

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Don't Let This Moment Pass You By...

BEattitude: "GRACE UNDER PRESSURE.., there's not a lot of it being shown by our youth these days. We're not teaching them to 'turn the other cheek' either. Too many lessons about revenge and never backing down and not enough about choosing their battles fill their minds on a daily basis. At the first sign of difficulty, they give up all too often, or fight back disproportionately. If they are led to believe that everyone wins.., then what happens to and just where are the losers? Are we preparing those who will follow after us to handle failure as much as we preach winning by any means necessary? Shame on us for standing idly by while a generation of sore losers raise our children and pass along their legacy of greed, anger, disgust and poor sportsmanship. When it presents itself as it most certainly will, don't miss your opportunity for Correction for fear it'll BE interpreted as Chastisement."

Monday, November 21, 2011

Seeing is Believing

BEattitude: "Living and Loving in Peace is Ideal.
But with every Vision, comes the Reality of what it will Take to Manifest that Ideal. Praying for Divine Help rarely helps.., The Divine helps those who help themselves, or so we've been lead to BElieve.
In actuality, Divine Intervention happens to Those who Act on their Visions.
Stop Waiting.., and Activate Your Vision, Today."

BE One.

BEattitude: "BE One."