Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wake Up .., and LIVE !!!

I haven't been myself lately.

In fact, I've been someone altogether different. I've allowed fear, frustration and finality to reign supreme in my mind.., which governs my soul. And all the while I was living beneath my privilege, my inalienable rights as a Believer..,and worse, I've sought counsel from other fear mongers who only know how to cheat the system and find shortcuts that pattern faith but ultimately cannot emulate FAITH's Power.

No MORE. Not Again. EVER.

I might not have the riches that so many squander on a regular basis to buy their shallow lives, but I be damned if I sit in envy of them, anymore.
I've been afflicted in every way imaginable, all in a concerted effort to silence my passion for my own vision and my own rhythm, in hopes that I would continue to deny the very reasons I left New York City for the ascetic confines of my desert abode.
I've tried to be inclusive, slowing down my vibrations so others could see clearly.., finally hear me and understand me.., and all I've gotten in return was an anemic soul.

No MORE. Not Again. EVER.

If I have to crawl into my PROMISED LAND, I will not be denied.., or run off like some vagrant who doesn't know his name is on the deed of the very land everyone else is poaching and calling their own.

No MORE. Not Again. EVER.

I am on a Mission. I have been all my Life.

It's time to take up my mantle, again.., and LIVE !!!

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